Project Areas


Ox Mountains Bogs SAC comprises upland blanket bog situated in the Ox Mountain range on the border of Counties Mayo and Sligo. Extensive areas of active blanket bog occur throughout the site with bog pool systems. Wet heath is extensively developed on the site. Greenland White-fronted Goose visit in winter. Golden Plover breed here in summer.

Lough Hoe Bog SAC is an extensive area of blanket bog and heath covered ridges in the Ox Mountains on the border of Counties Mayo and Sligo. The plateau is covered by a thin layer of blanket bog with areas of shallow interconnecting pools. In places, blanket bog grades into wet heath vegetation. Dry heath occurs on the steeper slopes and rocky outcrops.

Lough Nabrickkeagh Bog SAC is in the Ox Mountains, north-west of Lough Talt in County Sligo. This comprises areas of blanket bog which support a diversity of vegetation typical of blanket bog. The abandoned cut-away areas are now regenerating with abundant bog mosses and vascular plants typically found on intact bog. The bog provides valuable habitat for Red Grouse.