Project Areas


Cloghernagore Bog and Glenveagh National Park SAC is a large inland site located in the centre of north-west County Donegal. It includes a diversity of habitats, such as blanket bogs, dry, wet and alpine heath, upland grassland and woodland. This bog constitutes the most extensive blanket bog system remaining in the north-west of Ireland. Wet heath occurs at this site in mosaic with blanket bog. This occurs particularly on the lower slopes of hills where deep lowland blanket peat meets shallower peat. Dry heath occurs on slopes above 300m.

Slieve Tooey / Tormore Island and Loughros Beg Bay SAC covers the northern half of the Slieve League peninsula in County Donegal. Blanket bog covers most of the lower inland slopes. Upslope, the peat layer becomes generally thinner and the vegetation becomes heathy. In places, heath vegetation forms a mosaic with acid grassland.

Slieve League SAC extends from Glencolumbkille, around to a point south-east of Teelin in south County Donegal. The site is covered with upland and lowland blanket bog. It is a fine example of undrained blanket bog with numerous pools. Wet heath occurs on the shallower peats in association with dry heaths. The site holds populations of Peregrine and is a feeding site for Greenland White-fronted Goose.

Tamur Bog SAC runs along the border with Northern Ireland in County Donegal. It consists of blanket bog, wet heath and oligotrophic lakes. This blanket bog has wet quaking areas, lawns, inter-connecting pools and flushes. Wet heath areas are found associated with sloping ground and in areas higher than the blanket bog.

Coolvoy Bog SAC is situated in the lower north-facing slopes of Croaghleheen Mountain, south-east of the village of Doocharry in County Donegal. The lower sections of the site comprise blanket bog. Well-developed hummock/hollow systems occur. The higher sloping sections of the site are generally dry heath.

Lough Golagh and Breesy Hill SAC is situated between Ballyshannon and Pettigo in south County Donegal. Blanket bog is the main habitat. Pool and hummock systems are found in several areas. There is an area of old re-generating cut-away bog.

Meenaguse / Ardbane Bog SAC is situated in the Blue stack Mountains in County Donegal. This site comprises highland blanket bog, flushes, upland acid grassland and heath. Greenland White-fronted Goose feed here, which is one of the few traditional feeding sites on blanket bog still used by the species.

Lough Nillan Bog covers a large area of blanket bog along a range of hills immediately south of Glenties in Co. Donegal. The blanket bog in low-lying parts, such as on saddles or at the base of hill slopes, has well developed pool systems. Higher slopes support a drier, heathland vegetation.

Meentygrannagh SAC is situated approximately 15 km south-west of Letterkenny in Co. Donegal. The site is located on a gently sloping hillside, with areas of blanket bog dominated by excellent hummocks and pool areas rich in bog mosses. The main land use within the site is sheep grazing, but the main threat is afforestation, with extensive areas adjacent to the site already planted.

Croaghonagh Bog SAC is situated on the southwest shore of Lough Mourne, 17 km north-east of Donegal town. The bog surface is quaking in areas and contains widespread hummock/hollow communities and some large bog pools. There is also an extensive cover of bog mosses. Croaghonagh Bog is one of a few intact blanket bogs remaining in east Donegal.

Dunragh Lough/Pettigo Plateau SAC is situated 10 km south-east of Donegal town on the western shore of Lough Derg. It comprises an extensive complex of blanket bog, wet heath and lakes covering low hills. The site consists of almost undisturbed, blanket bog that supports typical species and a range of micro-topographical features. The large areas of wet heath are also in good condition.

Fawnboy Bog/Lough Nacung SAC is situated at the western foothills of the spectacular Errigal Mountain. The site is of conservation interest for the occurrence of intact lowland blanket bog, Rhynchosporion vegetation and good quality wet heath. The presence of several notable plant and animal species adds to the value of the site.

Gannivegil Bog SAC is located 6 km south-east of Dunglow, adjacent to the village of Doocharry in west Donegal. Overall the site is of good quality, with large areas of intact blanket bog and important habitats wet heath and oligotrophic lakes. The occurrence of flushes, swallow holes, valleys and a network of lakes and streams adds further interest to the site.

Magheradrumman Bog SAC contains highland blanket bog, wet heath and includes two upland lakes, Lough Fad and Lough Inn. The rare Arctic Char (Salvelinus alpinus) occurs in Lough Fad. The presence of good quality wet heath and of rare species adds to its scientific and conservation value of the site as a whole.

River Finn SAC comprises almost the entire freshwater element of the River Finn and its tributaries the Corlacky, the Reelan sub-catchment, the Sruhamboy, Elatagh, Cummirk and Glashagh, and also includes Lough Finn, where the river rises. The overall diversity and ecological value of the site is increased by the presence of populations of several rare or threatened birds, mammals, fish and plants.

West of Ardara/Maas Road SAC is of great ecological interest, containing a large number of habitats and species which are listed in the E.U. Habitats Directive. The site exhibits a highly diverse range of both coastal and terrestrial habitats, this feature itself being of high scientific value.